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Digital Diagnostics

PathAI’s mission is to advance medicine with intelligent pathology. PathAI’s platform provides end-to-end data-driven pathology analysis, resulting in fast, accurate and standardized pathologic diagnoses. PathAI’s deep-learning solutions drive discovery and predictive diagnostics in drug-development. PathAI’s technology accelerates R&D efforts and brings standardization to all phases of the drug development pipeline.

PathAI Secures $60M in Series B Funding Led by General Atlantic and Existing Investor General Catalyst
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Artificial intelligence decodes cancer pathology images
PathAI Raises Series A for AI-Powered Diagnostics
PathAI featured in the segment 'AI's Expanding Role in Modern Medicine' on CNBC
Philips and PathAI team up to improve breast cancer diagnosis using artificial intelligence technology in ‘big data’ pathology research



At Solugen, we challenge the traditional  approach to chemicals production, which is capital intensive, dangerous, environmentally unfriendly and unchanged since 1942. Our patented approach takes advantage of bio-inspired reactions to uses plant starch  as a low-cost feedstock to produce chemicals through an extremely efficient synthesis reaction.  Our first chemical is a biologically produced hydrogen peroxide. Our safe and environmentally friendly technology allows for the production of ultra-pure hydrogen peroxide more cheaply than current methods.

This Under 30 Startup Just Raised Another $32 Million To Manufacture Chemicals With Bacteria
Solugen Picks Up $13.5M For Chemicals Technology
Meet the Texas Startup that Wants to Decarbonize the Chemical Industry
Ode to a Sustainable Future With Green Chemistry
Solugen raises funds for sugar-derived hydrogen peroxide
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Solugen: These Sustainably Produced Cleaning Wipes Herald A Manufacturing Revolution
Co-founders of Solugen named to Forbes "30 under 30"


Therapeutics/Synthetic Biology

The microbiome, comprised of trillions of bacteria, plays a critical role in human health, and Azitra’s goal is to capture its potential for the treatment of skin disease. To meet that goal, we have developed a core technology based on the application of safe, commensal skin bacteria to correct the microbial balance and also deliver therapeutic proteins directly to the target. Many skin diseases result from the combination of injury or damage to the skin barrier combined with dysbiosis or changes in the microbiome that provoke inflammation and infection. Injury to the skin barrier can come from environmental exposure (sun, chemical exposure etc.) and also deficiencies in critical skin proteins like filaggrin. Azitra is focused on utilizing safe bacteria–normally present on healthy skin to correct the barrier, reduce inflammation, and prevent infection.

Azitra Receives Ongoing Support for Its Netherton Development Program from the National Science Foundation (NSF)
Azitra Secures $2.15 Million Convertible Debt Financing Led Jointly by Bios Partners and Connecticut Innovations
Azitra Founder Travis Whitfill, MPH named Forbes "30 under 30 in Healthcare"
Cosmetics: The next microbiome frontier

Hi Fidelity Genetics


Hi Fidelity Genetics aspires to be a world-class non-GMO seed company based on the only end-to-end predictive breeding platform delivering the best genetic gain per unit time while targeting yield stability.

Hi Fidelity Genetics Raises $8.5M to Improve Plant Breeding With AI
Getting to the Roots of Better Corn Traits

Elemental Machines

Digital Diagnostics

Elemental Machines is revolutionizing science-based industries with a smart lab platform that offers powerful, data-driven insights to improve laboratory operations, research, development, and manufacturing outcomes. Continuously monitoring equipment and environmental variables provides new levels of clarity, transparency and consistency, and improved repeatability and gathers new data sets for advanced analytics.

Elemental Machines Wins Best Tech Startup
Elemental Machines and Perkin Elmer Announce Global Partnership


Industrial Biotechnology

Checkerspot is a designed materials company built on the shoulders of genetic engineering of heterotrophic algae. Advances in our understanding of biology, chemistry, and materials science are colliding with advances in computational, experimental and fabrication tools, unleashing materials capabilities we once only imagined. Checkerspot is redefining and expanding the “palette” for material science.

Checkerspot raises $13M Series A to produce biotech-enabled performance materials
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Checkerspot Raises $5M to bring new high performance sustainable materials from microalgae
Closing the Gap: Checkerspot Closes $5 Million Seed Financing in Pursuit of High-Performance Biomaterials
Checkerspot Closes $5 Million Series Seed Financing


Digital Diagnostics/Medical Device

Patch’d is on a mission to prevent sepsis. Unlike other sepsis companies which focus on the inpatient setting (where only 20% of sepsis cases start/occur), Patch’d is using a simple wearable device with advanced computation to predict sepsis in the outpatient setting. Focusing on the outpatient setting not only saves lives through early detection of clinical deterioration but also saves the entire healthcare system money by making sepsis an outpatient disease.

Not a Patch on Hospital Stays

Rejuvenate Bio

Therapeutics/Synthetic Biology

Rejuvenate Bio is on a mission to increase the health and lifespans of domesticated animals and humans. A spinout from George Church’s lab at Harvard Medical School, Rejuvenate’s goal is to treat pets with targeted gene therapies directed at curing specific disease states associated with old age that also have the potential to extend overall health and maximal lifespan. After entering the pet market and creating a large valuable anti-aging data set, Rejuvenate will then move on to humans.

A Stealthy Harvard Startup Wants to Reverse Aging in Dogs, and Humans Could be Next


Digital Diagnostics

Visla has built the premier AI-platform for radiology and the healthcare industry. Visla is collaborating with major hospitals, industry veterans, and award winning physicians to re-invent the imaging experience with self-improving AI at its core. With its products, Visla seeks to enhance diagnosis accuracy and unlock the next generation of augmented radiology.

Visla Raises Funding to Accelerate AI In Diagnostics

Tierra Biosciences

Industrial Biotechnology

Tierra Biosciences accelerates bio-discovery through cell-free systems. Tierra Biosciences Next Generation Expression platform allows for high-throughput data collection that is real and experimentally validated at speeds of simulation-based approaches.

Synvitrobio Rebrands as Tierra Biosciences, Announces $2.6M Seed Round to Discover Unexplored Areas of Biology
As biological manufacturing moves to the mainstream, Synvitrobio rebrands and raises cash
Cell-free biotech will make for better products

Dyno Therapeutics

Therapeutics/Synthetic Biology

Dyno Therapeutics is creating novel adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors that enable safe, efficient and targeted in vivo delivery for revolutionary new gene therapies. Their data-driven approach combines next-generation DNA synthesis of millions of AAV capsids with high-throughput sequencing and machine learning. Dyno is systematically mapping the relationship between capsid sequence and function and optimizing AAV for improved therapeutic efficacy.


Computational Healthcare

At Abridge, healthcare=stories. Abridge was started as a collaboration between the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) to build speech, voice, and language technologies to better capture our healthcare stories.


Digital Diagnostics

Theator is providing real-time guidance in surgery, converting the operating room to a cockpit. Theator’s computer vision and machine-learning platform analyzes visual surgical content to present surgeons with aggregated rich insights derived from clinical data. Their product empowers the ecosystem of next-generation surgical technologies as Theator continues to own vision in minimally invasive surgery.

Israeli AI surgical platform co Theator raises $3m

Stack Diagnostics/54Gene


54Gene is the door into genetic medicine for Africa. 54Gene is searching for clinically informed genotypic-phenotypic associations across 100s of thousands of African consumer and patient samples. By exploring the rich human genetic diversity across all 54 nations, 54Gene is letting nature inform our future drug and diagnostic discoveries. Once these discoveries are made and 54Gene’s platform is fully established, 54Gene will be the African healthcare partner supporting cutting-edge clinical research and medical practice to lead medicine’s future across the continent.

Only 2% of genomic material available for research comes from Africa, 54gene wants to change that