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We help founders and their companies
re-architect the world at a molecular level.

Writing the Physical Layer

Computation has improved our lives in remarkable ways, but the physical layer has remained largely unchanged.

Stage and Phase: The Earlier the Better

We are often the first check into a company. Our unique model for early-stage investment allows us to have an outsized impact on the earliest stages of a venture.

Let’s Talk Molecules And Atoms

We can keep up. From bench to bedside to boardroom, our team has been on the front lines. Our understanding of the science and technology breakthroughs we’re evaluating is personal.

Our Thesis

Chemistry and biology are the software of our physical world.

To solve some of the greatest challenges of our time, the best thing we can do is harness nature’s code. Thanks to next-generation sequencing and subsequent interpretation technologies, as well as AI and hyper-scale compute, we can now model and even alter nature’s source code to our liking.

Imagine a world in which humans and nature function in harmony.

We believe the greatest advancements of our lifetime will be the result of reprogramming chemistry and biology using creative technology platforms.

Our Companies

Our portfolio companies are commercializing science that is dramatically changing how the world works, from nano to whole earth scales.

Platform providing end-to-end data-driven pathology analysis while elucidating novel biological insights
Tavros Therapeutics
Tavros is an Integrated high-throughput genomics platform to discover next generation cancer therapies .
Remedy Robotics
Remedy is developing autonomous navigation software for vascular surgical robotic systems, significantly expanding access to life-saving surgical interventions such as mechanical thrombectomy for stroke.
Elegen powers the engineering of biology through its novel gene synthesis technology, enabling biology at the speed of DNA.
A designed materials company built on the shoulders of genetic engineering of heterotrophic algae
STRM.BIO is leveraging extracellular vesicles to usher in a new age of Gene Therapies
Creating chemistries that are safer, more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly than traditional petrochemicals
Terray Therapeutics
Powering a novel spatially encoded screening and optimization platform for historically intractable diseases
Dyno Therapeutics
Creating novel adeno-associated virus vectors that enable safe, efficient and targeted delivery for revolutionary gene therapies.
Debut Biotechnology
Debut manufactures high value molecules by combining custom designed enzymes.

Meet Our Team

The nicest VCs you’ve ever met

Cain McClary

Managing Partner & Founder

Dad, DJ, Doctor, Outdoor Enthusiast, Type-A

Guided by his passion for science, Cain founded KdT Ventures in 2017. A physician by training, Cain prefers to help create the future rather than practice in the past.

Learn more about Cain by clicking his Medium article below

Mack Healy

Managing Partner

Father, Strategist, Ex-attorney, Basketball coach, Spanish Linguist, Teammate

Following years as a successful startup lawyer, Mack joined KdT to help identify and support its portfolio companies. Above all, Mack enjoys working with teams to accomplish only the most daunting of objectives.

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Phil Grayeski


Scientist, Optimist, Amateur Chef, Pickup Basketball Regular, Tactician

With his MD-PhD, Phil has been instrumental in the spin-out of three biotechnology companies. With a gifted eye for science, technology, and investing, Phil joined KdT in 2018.

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Rima Chakrabarti

Venture Partner

Amateur mom, Doctor, Provider, Baby food chef, Ukelele novice

As a physician-scientist with a background in clinical neurology and early stage technology commercialization, Rima’s experience pushing nascent technologies to market drives forward KdT’s mission to support founders who can engineer the world’s molecular layer.

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Yusuf Uddin

Head of Talent

Scientist, Head hunter, Gamer, Extroverted introvert, Dog lover, Friend

Upon completing his PhD in Molecular Biophysics, Yusuf entered the world of life science executive recruiting. He uses his networking prowess to support talent needs within KdT's portfolio companies.

Learn more about Yusuf by clicking his Medium article below

Ketan Yerneni


Guitarist, Amateur Griller, Foodie, Gearhead

A physician/scientist with a background in molecular imaging, translational oncology, and medical technology commercialization, Ketan is passionate about supporting founders who are developing novel technologies and medicines to improve people’s lives.

Ally Gudeman

Head of Operations

Theater nerd, Florist, California native, Baker

With a background in administration and team management, Ally is passionate about practicing organizational systems that empower and support KdT Ventures values and mission.

Learn more about Ally by clicking her Medium article below

Patrick Malone


Physician-scientist, Techie, Writer, Skier, Music junkie and concert-goer

Trained as a physician-scientist with a research background in machine learning and neuroscience, Patrick loves working with technical founders building audacious companies that will positively impact the world.

Learn more about Patrick by clicking his Medium article below

Blair Willette


Scientist, Scuba diver, Yogi, Beginner sewist, Over-confident DIYer

With a PhD in Pharmacology, Blair’s research background is in receptor signaling, cellular trafficking, and spatial-encoded biology. She’s inspired by the passion of entrepreneurs and is driven to help translate their ideas to impact society.

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Venture For Science

Social capital compounds faster than cash, so we seek out long-term, deep relationships with our portfolio and partners. At the end of the day, humans helping other humans is what changes the world.



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